A blend of supernatural elements and 80s nostalgia. 

1.  Stranger Things 

Fantasy series based on the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. 

2. The Witcher 

(La Casa de Papel) - Spanish heist crime drama. 

3. Money Heis 

Historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 

4. The Crown 

Regency-era romantic drama based on Julia Quinn's novels. 

5. Bridgerton  

Crime drama following a financial planner's descent into laundering money. 

6. Ozark  

Crime drama based on the history of drug cartels in Colombia. 

7. Narcos  

Anthology series exploring the dark side of technology and society. 

8. Black Mirror 

Superhero series based on the comic book series. 

9. The Umbrella Academy

German science fiction thriller involving time travel and family secrets. 

10. Dark